18. Beginnings and Horizons 3

GUIDE: Batteries in a portable world. 18. Beginnings and Horizons 3

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18.3 Working with Natural Beauty

The new Cadex headquarters is nestled in natural surroundings. The scenic Fraser River lies to the south, a public park to the east and the Coastal Mountains to the north. For joggers and cyclists, there is a nature path between the building and the river.

The interior of the building is designed with employee comfort in mind. It includes a snooker table, a gym, shower rooms, and several televisions. Balconies with a river view overlook the outdoor patio, which is used for summer lunches.

With the wonders of nature at its door, Cadex offers its staff a tranquil alternative to the noise and hustle of crowded city streets. And yet, the location is within easy reach of Vancouver’s downtown, is central to the surrounding suburban areas and is close to Vancouver International Airport.

Figure 18-1:  Cadex headquarters in Richmond, Canada.
With the wonders of nature at its door, Cadex offers its staff a tranquil alternative to the noise and hustle of crowded city streets.

18.4 Customer Comments

A manager who is in charge of manufacturing and warranties for a large mobile phone provider writes: “I feel that by having the ability to analyze and condition our customer’s batteries, we have also increased our battery sales. We now recommend that all customers stop by and allow us to condition their batteries at least once every six months. Many customers will buy another battery to use while their pack is being conditioned. The customers feel that the maintenance program enables them to achieve longer battery life. Providing battery conditioning service has helped us increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, which in turn helps our bottom line in this competitive industry.”

When setting up a battery refurbishing service, the quality of battery analyzers is of importance. A manager in charge of battery warranty with a leading mobile phone manufacturer commented: “With the Cadex 7000 Series analyzers, our team was able to achieve a 90 percent recovery rate for all warranty batteries, compared to just 60 percent before the Cadex analyzers were brought on stream. The savings were absolutely immense.”

Another Regional Service Manager for a mobile phone provider wrote: “The recovery rate of batteries has been far better than expected. We used to run them on our old equipment and if they failed we would then run them on the Cadex. Over 50 percent of the batteries would pass our target capacity of 80 percent. That in itself saved us a tremendous amount of expense. It enables us to return the batteries to the customer for further use.”

These above mentioned reports are mostly based on servicing nickel-based batteries. The recovery rate is expected to be lower with the Li-ion batteries, which are considered maintenance free. But to everyone’s amazement, lithium-based batteries enjoy a similar recovery rate, especially in the mobile phone market. Here, the cause of failure is not memory-based, especially during the warranty period. Lack of customer preparation and failure to understand the behavior of a battery as a portable energy source may be to blame. The true reason for the failures may never be known.

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