PCB Impedance and Capacitance of Stripline

calculate the pcb impedabce and capacitance of stripline

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W [m]  width of the trace
H [m]  height of trace above return plane
T [m]  trace thickness
Er [ ]  relative permittivity of the dielectric
Are there distributed capacitive loads on this trace?
La [m]  average length of the traces attaching the loads
Ca [pF]  average load capacitance
Z0 [Ohm]  characteristic impedance
C0 [F/m]  capacitance per unit length
tpd [s/m]  propagation delay
L0 [H/m]  inductance per unit length
Zc [Ohm]  effective characteristic impedance
t'pd [s/m]  effective propagation delay

NOTE: numbers are in scientific notation (e.g.: 1.427e-9 s/m = 1.1427·10-9 s/m = 1.427 ns/m)

CONDITIONS: (0.1 < W/H < 2.0); ( T/H < 0.25);



Capacitive Load Modify:

Formulas for: Capacitive Load Modify
See also notes on PCB Impedance and Capacitance Calculator page.

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