00. Part Two – You and the Battery

GUIDE: Batteries in a portable world. Part Two – You and the Battery

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Part Two – You and the Battery

Chapter 6: The Secrets of Battery Runtime
6.1 Declining Capacity
6.2 Increasing Internal Resistance
6.3 Elevated Self-Discharge
6.4 Premature Voltage Cut-off

Chapter 7: The ‘Smart’ Battery
7.1 The Single Wire Bus
7.2 The SMBus
7.3 The State-of-Charge Indicator
7.4 The Tri-State Fuel Gauge
7.5 The Target Capacity Selector
7.6 Fuel Gauges for Large Batteries

Chapter 8: Choosing the Right Battery
8.1 What’s the best battery for mobile phones?
8.2 What’s the best battery for two-way radios?
8.3 What’s the best battery forlaptops?
8.4 Selecting a Lasting Battery

Chapter 9: Internal Battery Resistance
9.1 Why do seemingly good batteries fail on digital equipment?
9.2 How is the internal battery resistance measured?
9.3 What’s the difference between internal resistance and impedance?

Chapter 10: Getting the Most from your Batteries
10.1 Memory: myth or fact?
10.2 How to Restore and Prolong Nickel-based Batteries
10.3 The Effect of Zapping
10.4 How to Restore and Prolong Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
10.5 How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries
10.6 Battery Recovery Rate

Chapter 11: Maintaining Fleet Batteries
11.1 The ‘Green Light’ Lies
11.2 Battery Maintenance, a Function of Quality Control
11.3 Battery Maintenance Made Simple
11.4 Battery Maintenance as a Business

Chapter 12: Battery Maintenance Equipment
12.1 Conditioning Chargers
12.2 Battery Analyzers
12.3 Battery Analyzers for Maintenance-Free Batteries
12.4 Battery throughput
12.5 Battery Maintenance Software

Chapter 13: Making Battery Quick-Test Feasible
13.1 Battery Specific Quick Testing
13.2 Three-Point Quick Test
13.3 The Evolving Battery
13.4 The Cadex Quicktest Method
13.5 How does the Cadex Quicktest work?
13.6 Battery Testing and the Internet
13.7 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

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